100Ah Australian made lithium portable dual battery system that has over 9 products in tough aluminium housing.


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Are you ready for portable power unleashed? REDARC’s GoBlock is not your average 12v battery box, it is a rugged and sophisticated portable dual battery system capable of powering your next great adventure.

Hit the road and head to the great outdoors or enjoy a family day out with the peace of mind that no matter what, you will be packed with hours, even days of off-grid power.

GoBlock® features 9 products in 1 compact unit plus 2 accessories in the box (12v accessory socket charger + mains AC wall charger) and over the air updates.

  • AC charger (overnight mains charger)  
  • 50A DC-DC Charger  
  • 50A MPPT Solar regulator 
  • Quality LiFePO4 battery cells  
  • REDARC proprietary battery management system  
  • Battery monitoring via RedVision®  
  • Start Battery Recovery capability,  
  • Aluminium Battery Housing
  • Charging outlets for 12v accessory, Anderson and USB 


Portable power unleashed

Go beyond campgrounds and caravan parks with this unique lithium battery box that is capable of delivering fast and effective charge to run fridges, camp lights, drones, cameras and CPAP machines.

This complete system features REDARC’s market leading DC DC charging technology that makes it capable of a rapid 50A recharge rate, meaning in around two hours you could have a massive 100Ah of power.

This system is built tough for the most rugged and distant off-grid adventure, yet suitable for practically any vehicle, from cars and vans to 4WDs. It’s also ideal for vehicles that do not have enough room under the hood to install a traditional dual battery system, and can be paired with a solar panel and REDARC 350W pure sine wave inverter to provide endless power.

portable power

Go tough

GoBlock is built tough with a rugged exterior, prepared for almost any situation.

With an IP52 protection rating, its inputs and outputs are neatly recessed with tough shields to protect them from hard knocks and inclement weather.

The battery is made of high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, safely enclosed within the robust, fully sealed aluminium case. It is powerful with a longer lifetime and the cells deliver virtually full power until discharged.

portable power

Go safe

GoBlock includes a Start Battery Recovery feature, when paired with the Smart Battery Recovery Cable, which enables you to safely charge a vehicle’s start battery, so you can get yourself or a friend out of trouble and on the road in just 15 minutes with this unique vehicle battery recovery capability.

Go wireless

GoBlock connects via Bluetooth to REDARC’s RedVision smartphone App (iOS + Android) giving you remote access to the battery state of charge, system diagnostics and input source information, and the ability to activate the Start Battery Recovery mode.

portable power

Go in any vehicle

GoBlock can be installed into vehicles with either standard or smart alternator systems, making it suitable for any vehicle installation**, while not being a permanently mounted dual battery system means you can move it between multiple vehicles offering greater value for money.


  • Rapid charge*
  • Green power priority**
  • Start Battery Recovery
  • Bluetooth to REDARC’s RedVision smartphone App (iOS + Android)
  • Suitable for any alternator type

The GoBlock includes

• 7.5A AC overnight mains charger

• 7.5A DC Accessory socket charger

• Access to the iOS and Android App


Optional accessories

• 50A PowerDock

• Start Battery Recovery cables

• Inverter Connector Cable


Say goodbye to the homemade battery box and unleash portable power with GoBlock from REDARC.

Battery Capacity 100 Ah (1280 Wh)
IP Class IP52
Nominal Voltage 12.8 -15.8V
Cycle life 2000 cycles (≥80% capacity retention)
Maximum Current Input 50 A (AUX Anderson or Solar)
Maximum Total Output 50A
Operating Temperature -40˚ to 65˚C
Dimensions 425 × 196 × 230 mm
Weight 19kg
Availability Australia & New Zealand Only
Article Information Sheet Article Information Sheet


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