Car Air Conditioning System Troubleshooting

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Car Air Conditioning System Troubleshooting

Did you know that Air Conditioning Systems don’t really give out cold air? Because the main function of the air conditioning system is to remove the heat and moisture from the air, which makes you feel cooler. Understanding its main function will help you understand better the car’s air conditioning system troubleshooting we under go.

Components of Air Conditioner

1. Condenser – It cools down the refrigerant from compressor going to the evaporator, but absorbing the heat from the liquid. Usually, it is located in front of the engine radiator, and it sometimes has a separate fan.
2. Compressor – The main mechanical part of your air conditioning system which pressurizes the refrigerant
3. Accumulator – After the condenser absorbed the heat, the accumulator will now collect the moisture and impurities.
4. Evaporator – Once the refrigerant is cooled down from the condenser, the evaporator will now be able to absorb heat from the air inside your vehicle.
5. Suction Hose – This part enables the refrigerant to go back to the compressor to repeat the process all over again.

These parts might seem very simple to understand, but they often cause major problems and expenses when you do not have a regular checkup with your technician. At Executive Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning, we specialize in air conditioning maintenance and repairs. Our years of experience can speak to the quality of work, and dedication of our teams.

In case you experience any of these air conditioning problems, know that we have solved a lot of these in the past and solving them until now:

• Experiencing Freon Leak • Malfunctioning Compressor or Compressor parts
• Vacuum Leaks • Clogged Suction Hose or expansion valve • Blown Fuse
• Worn Out air cabin filter
• Faulty Blower Motor
• Soiled Condenser
• Undesirable odours coming out
• Inefficient Air Conditioning system
• Moisture from the Air Conditioning system

Don’t wait for a major vehicle disaster before getting your air conditioning system checked. Let our highly dedicated auto electricians here at Executive Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning keep your vehicle in good running condition.

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